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District 3 Fire/Rescue operates in central Pointe Coupee Parish in the state of Louisiana. We are an all volunteer department that protects and serves approximately 3400 homes and 7 businesses in our district. We also provide mutual aid response to District 5 Fire/ Rescue. District 3 Fire/Rescue is continually training so that we can provide the best protection for the citizens in our district and parish.


PO Box 128

Ventress, La 70783


6571 False River Rd. Oscar, La 70762

Office 225-627-4073

Fax 225-627-4074


Thank you for visiting our site and feel free leave us a comment. If you would like to apply to be a member please also leave a comment and we will respond.

Pointe Coupee Police Jury has declared The month of September "Volunteer Fireman/First Responder" month. I would like to thank all the responders for all the time they give away from family and meals missed for training and calls, you do it for the love of the department and your community. THANK YOU

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PCFD3 Harrassment Policy

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