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Think Pink

Fire Fighter Kellie Reed

My name is Kallie Reed, I am 25 and live in the small town of Jarreau, La. Almost 3 months ago i was involved in an automobile accident that would forever change my life. My chest hit the steering wheel and after two weeks of aches and pains i found a lump. From then on i received many sonograms and mammograms to see what this lump looked like. Within the following weeks i had did a series of tests from a biopsy to even testing my blood for genetic mutations. I remember the day they called and told me, they had received my results and the lump was in fact a malignant tumor and would have to be removed. My specialist suggested that I have a double simple mastectomy, because at 25 Breast Cancer is not something you expect to happen to you, the risk of getting it again was higher. August 21, 2014 I had a mastectomy they removed my breasts and replaced them with tissue expanders for reconstructive surgery. My chest muscles began to bleed in four different places. They had to perform yet another surgery to stop the bleeding and after several hours I was in recovery. From then I was sent home to start the next chapter which begun to unfold.

On September 25, 2014 I received my first chemotherapy treatment. I will continue chemotherapy for one whole year, take a hormone drug for the next five years, and do not have to do any radiation. The part they say gets you the most is how you react to it all. I don’t look at being diagnosed with Cancer as my life is going to be over. There is a life after all this and I am going to live it. For those of you who are going through what i am going through, do not tell anyone you’re less than beautiful. Cancer can’t cripple your soul. I only hope to raise awareness in both men and women that cancer doesn’t discriminate, please check your selves and make a difference.

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