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Essential Functions:

  1. Respond to emergency and non-emergency request for service.
  2. Perform required training and maintain required state and local certifications/licenses meeting NFPA, PCFD3’s policies and requirements.
  3. Drives and operates emergency response vehicles during emergency incidents. Operates fire pumps and associated suppression equipment required to control an incident.
  4. Selects proper firefighting tools and equipment to control and extinguish fires.
  5. Uses ladders to gain access to assist individuals from affected structures.
  6. Performs search and rescue operations.
  7. Utilizes appropriate safety equipment, removes hazardous materials from buildings assists in determining corrective action.
  8. Provides emergency medical care during emergencies in accordance with all applicable PCFD3 local and State EMS protocols.
  9. Performs extrication operations to free individuals trapped in vehicles, elevators or structures.
  10. Performs inspections, preventive maintenance, and minor repairs to emergency response equipment. Records all pertinent information regarding inspections and maintenance.
  11. Performs required testing and inspecting of fire protection and suppression systems. Records all pertinent information regarding testing and inspections.
  12. May be required to assume a position in the incident management system.
  13. Conducts special projects and completes tasks as assigned.
  14. Follows established PCFD3 policies, rules and procedures utilizing personal protective equipment as required. Reports all problems, violations or concerns to the appropriate individual. Attends basic Safety training and other related or required courses.
  15. Maintain assigned work area and equipment to established standard of housekeeping, preservation and maintenance.
  16. Ensure time is properly recorded.
  17. Perform required vehicle, equipment and station inspections and maintenance, pre-fire planning, public education and other assigned projects.
  18. Demonstrate the attitude of a professional to include maintaining professional appearance and courteous, ethical behavior.
  19. Participate in professional education.
  20. Work as in integral team player interacting positively with other employees and contributing to PCFD3’s goals.
  21. Perform other related duties as assigned or required.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • The FF shall meet the professional qualifications of FF1.
  • The FF shall possess and maintain a valid Louisiana Drivers' License.
  • The Firefighter shall possess and maintain an American Heart Association or equivalent CPR/AED certification at the date of hire.
  • The FF shall possess and maintain a valid EMR certification
  • The FF shall successfully pass background investigation, preemployment and random drug screening.

Pay is $15.00 per hour

Days available Monday – Sunday 7am -7pm 12 hour shifts

If you have any questions with the application process, please contact Chief Bonds at 225-405-2573.

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